Introducing The Revolutionary Butterfly Cup

The revolutionary Butterfly Cup is the new style of lidless paper cup that will replace conventional paper cups and lids.

Best disposable drinkware for the environment

Butterfly Cup is the new revolutionary disposable paper cup that will change the industry.

No straw needed
Spill proof
Plastic free
Recycles with paper

Considered to be the most environmentally friendly disposable cup in the world

Beneficial in every aspect

Butterfly Cup has multiple benefits for consumers, retailers and the environment.

With it’s unique design, baristas and consumers find it easier and faster to use Butterfly Cup than standard paper cups & lids.

Its superior design and performance means no splashes, leaks or drips – an improved customer experience.

And it’s lidless design means a vast reduction in plastic production, packing, transportation, storage, and waste and a huge carbon footprint saving compared to standard paper cups & plastic lids.

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